Thursday, November 28, 2013

How the Time Flies!

So I have gotten super behind but I want to finish this journey strong so I am going to do multiple days in this post. Prepare to be hit with a surge of gratitude!

November 24th
I am grateful for TENDER MERCIES!
or little blessing Heavenly Father sends you when you may be having a hard time. For example: I was having a hard day. I was completely exhausted and so grumpy. I just wanted to go back to the apartment. We only had 30 minutes until we had to be in. I am a really stickler for rules but I was about at the point that I wanted to just quit. My companion and I pushed forward even though every single plan fell through and there was no one out and about. As we walked around I saw in the distance a bridge with Christmas lights! I love Christmas lights so much! It was gorgeous to see the lights reflection in the pond. It was such a tender mercy. So small-but it lifted my mood so much and made me stop and think about the little things I am grateful for.

November 25th
I am grateful for! It lays out our beliefs so simply. It has videos of people and their stories are all so inspiring! Here is a personal favorite. I really connect to him because he gave up so much to serve the Lord and to go on a mission.

November 26th
I am grateful for the scriptures. The Old and New Testaments, The Book of  Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price and The Doctrine and Covenants. I can testify these are no ordinary books. These books are Holy and sacred. They are how we can receive answers from our Heavenly Father and I know that if you will read them that you will be able to feel God's love more in your life. I challenge all who read this post to open these Books and pray to know if they are true.

November 27th
I am grateful for Sister Divis and Sister Bowers my new companions! I am also grateful for the Gainesville YSA (Young Single Adult) branch (another name for a congregation) that I will now be serving in.
Sister Divis has a profile! Check it out!

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