Tuesday, December 3, 2013


So I missed the last three days of Thanksgiving on my blog...and I know this will be super late but I just wanted to do one more post to end my Thanksgiving adventure.

This Thanksgiving was the first one that I have spent away from home. I had a good time and stuffed myself as usual but it was weird and a little hard to not have my family there. It just didn't seem like it was Thanksgiving.
Also as we have been walking around and talking to people here in Gainesville, Florida I have noticed a trend. Almost everyone expressed gratitude or just simply brought up their family. Most of the people we talked to were away from home and going to college here at the University of Florida.
There is something in common with me and all the students here. They noticed how much they appreciate and love their families now that they are away from them. I guess we really don't notice a good thing until it is gone.
I love the holidays because they truly help us to evaluate where our focus is at. Now is the time of year we spend the most time with our families.

Have you ever wondered why family is so important?
Because if you look at most animals there is not as much interest in their family group. We need our families. We need their love, support, and encouragement.
Families are so important to us because we are part of Heavenly Father's family. God is our father of our spirits. Everything about the true gospel is families! Every single point of doctrine can be pulled back to families.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way we can have peace and happiness in our families in this life and in the eternities! I witness as the Lord's missionary and representative that this is true.

I challenge whoever sees this post to visit familysearch.org! It is a family history site that is fun and free!

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Kelly said...

Love all your posts Katie. Thank you for doing the Lord's work. I'm so thankful and proud of you, and your awesome bunch of friends (including Tony of course:)) for leaving your families to do something so wonderful and unforgettable. Don't forget your family is always here to boost you up and support you guys! Oh, and familysearch.org rocks! :)