Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Book of Mormon brings daily miracles

The miracle I am sharing today is actually a constant and daily miracle! It is The Book of Mormon. This is the most powerful book and as I read it daily it changes me for the better. It contains in its pages the fullness of the gospel and the witness that Jesus is our Savior! In this picture is a figurine of a man named Ammon who is my personal hero and his story is told in Alma Chapter 17-26 ( to request a FREE Book of Mormon you can visit mormon.org) In short Ammon says no twice to ruling as a king in two different kingdoms so that he can be a missionary ( or someone who devotes their time to sharing Christ's gospel) He goes and he preaches the gospel for over 14 years and he "did suffer much both in body and in mind, such as hunger, thirst, and fatigue, and also much labor in the spirit." (Alma 17:5) He suffers so much and is rejected by many but he responds by putting his trust in the Lord.

This is a miracle because I feel like I can relate to Ammon because I am also a missionary, although I didn't give up two kingdoms. I gave up school, work, family, movies, television, and friends to go for a mere 18 months to preach the gospel to God's children in Jacksonville, Florida. I know what it is like to present a message which you know is true and means so much to you and have people reject you. I know what it is like to  "labor in the spirit" when these things happen. But I also know that God sends me his comfort when I need it.

These are the verses that touched me the other day as I read:

 "10 And it came to pass that the Lord did visit them with his Spirit, and said unto them: Be comforted. And they were comforted.
 11 And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth among the Lamanites, thy brethren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls."

I know that the Lord visits me daily with his spirit. He sent me a wonderful, loving teaching companion and many others here in Jacksonville who support me in hard times. I know that as I continue to press forward through the "long-suffering and afflictions" that I will be able to touch many hearts through my "good example" and the Lord will make me "an instrument" in his hands.

This is the miracle of The Book of Mormon!
It can help anyone with any situation that they are going through and it can answer any question of your soul.
Here are some examples of questions of the soul and where to find the answers.

  • Is there a God? (Alma 22)
  • What does Jesus Christ expect of me? (2 Nephi 9)
  • How can a belief in Jesus Christ help me? (Alma 36)
  • Is there life after death? (Alma 40)
  • What is the purpose of life? (Alma 34)
  • Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur? (2 Nephi 2; Alma 14:9–11; 60:13)
  • Does my infant need to be baptized? (Moroni 8)
  • Does God know me? (Alma 5:38, 58)
  • Does God answer prayers? (Enos 1)
  • How can I find peace and joy? (Mosiah 2, 4)
  • How can my family be happier and more united? (Mosiah 2)
  • How can I balance my family and career? (3 Nephi 13)
  • How can I strengthen my relationship with my spouse? (3 Nephi 14)
  • How can I avoid the evils that threaten my family? (Alma 39)
  • How can I avoid sin? (Helaman 5)

    I know that The Book of Mormon is true and that anyone can read it and when they do it will become not just a Book but a treasure.

    What are you waiting for? Give it a shot! Go forth and Read! :)

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