Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Priesthood Power

I have been thinking about the priesthood a lot the last little bit. Priesthood is something that is near and dear to my heart and today I want to share an experience I  had with priesthood a blessing. 

I was having a really hard time and I was praying for some very specific things and insights. I had never really been one to ask for priesthood blessings of comfort and counsel but for some reason I knew that this time I really needed it. I asked an Elder to give me a blessing and this Elder barely knew me or anything about me or what I had been going through. When I was receiving that blessing something miraculous happened! When he spoke it no longer sounded like his voice. It sounded different, it seemed to be what I think my Heavenly Fathers voice would sound like. The things mentioned in that blessing where so specific to me and my needs and almost everyone of my questions that I had been asking in prayer had been answered through this.
Before this I don't think I truly had a testimony of the power of the priesthood. But this moment was so powerful and I knew that this wasn't a random elder giving me a blessing. It was a blessing from my Heavenly Father! There is no possible way that this elder knew that I had been asking these questions. In fact this was the first time he had heard my full name. I know the priesthood is real.

Please share any experience you might have had with a priesthood blessings or any questions you have on the priesthood or blessings in the comments below!  

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