Friday, January 3, 2014



Often bringers of childlike happiness and uplifting messages
These balloons began a journey, carrying messages of the utmost importance
Released into the sky to suffer through, rain wind and spindly branches
Their ultimate goal: to have one person accept the invitation which they carried.

The first to fail was the white balloon, sinking before she could ever rise, her master kept her with him knowing she could not reach her goal . . .

The second to give up his mission was the pink balloon, rising with his heavy burden only to drift back to the ground a few yards away.  The message was too great for him to carry.

The third to fall was quite strong, the blue balloon rose very high.  Until the rain began to fall, with each droplet the blue balloon was weighed down, not by his message, but the many little trials that came along the way.  He fell as well.

The fourth balloon was red and bright, he soared up to the sky!  The message was easy, the rain was fine but he could not predict the wind would blow from behind.  Into a tree he flew and became entangled in the unyielding branches.

The fifth purple balloon was the last to go.  She knew of the message and the truth it held, she weathered the storm and dodged the trees, rode the wind and accepted the difficulties.  She drifted very far from where she first had come, and at last she fell exhausted, on the lawn of a stranger's home.
The stranger picked her up and read the message on her string.

Jesus still lives, God is our King
His truth, once shattered, has now been restored
He has not left you alone
Come to our church and see . . . or try  :)

Written by Sister Amanda Waldron
Photographer and artist=Sister Katie Smedley

Go Spread the message you Balloons!

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